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This pin is special because it honors the Voting Members at the time the pin was designed on the back of the pin card, our Members play a huge part in the governing of our organization from what programs we develop to the topics of the groups we run. We love our Members and are thankful for each and every one of them.

This is an acrylic pin 3" x 1.91

Comes on custom card


Pin Designer: Oliver Webb/ Skye Locke

Pin Artist: Oliver Webb

Pin Cards Designer/ Artist: Oliver Webb


*While this pin states that proceeds go to our Name Aid program, they now go to the general pot. Our Name Aid program is being phased out thanks to the passage of HB1961, we will now be able to open our Microgrant Pin which will be able to assist a wider range of trans and gender diverse individuals.

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Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound is a transgender and gender diverse social service organization, founded in 2004.

Support, advocacy, and community action.