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Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound (DAPS) serves Washington State's Transgender, Non-Binary, Genderfluid, Gender Non-Conforming, Agender, Intersex, Two-Spirit, and Questioning population through direct service. We strive to meet as many of the needs of these individuals as possible by providing support groups to give them a safe space to learn and grow as their authentic selves, financial need programs, individual and community advocacy, and HRT supply kit programs.

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A note from our Board Chair:

As I sit at home closing up last year's programming, getting ready for the new year for DAPS I am so proud of all we've accomplished together, I can't wait to see what this next year holds.

Congratulations to the rest of my Board, our amazing Voting Members, and everyone who we've worked with and who in any way was part of DAPS this past year, you are the reason we exist.

Thanks for helping make DAPS SGN's Seattle's Best Charitable Organization of the year, and myself, Seattle's Best Community Organizer of the year.

These past few years have been so difficult for all of us and the communities we serve experience that on an even greater level, we are honored to be part of a bigger network and community of advocates and organizers that serve the LGBTQIA+ community.

Thank you to all who have served with us, and all we have served, thank you for being you. You are valid.

-Oliver Webb
Board Chair


Check out our new Linktree in all of our social media bios! You will now be able to easily apply for programs, check our current schedule, find announcements, fill out surveys, and more in one central place.

Currently we have a Community Feedback survey for those we have come in contact with during the 2020-2021 programming year, we use this information to better serve our community, so if you have time please fill it out!

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In-Person COVID Guideline Update

Due to the prevalence of the Omicron variant in Washington State, it was necessary to make radical changes to DAPS' COVID 19 guidelines in order to continue to be able to serve our community. It is imperative that we continue to assess and adapt to guidelines put forth to combat COVID 19.
By a majority vote of the DAPS Board and Voting Members, we have chosen to institute the following guidelines effective 12/31/2021.
1. Everyone who attends, volunteers at, contracts for, facilitates, or otherwise is involved in a DAPS in-person event, meeting, or activity is required to wear an FDA approved N95 or KN95 mask. Masks will be provided by DAPS for those who do not have their own.
2. Everyone who attends, volunteers at, contracts for, facilitates, or otherwise is involved in a DAPS in-person event, meeting, or activity is required to sign a contact tracing sheet in case of exposure. This sheet will NOT be shared with anyone outside of the org, and will be DESTROYED 14 days after the date started. If an exposure happens everyone will be contacted and the DAPS COVID policy will go into effect, privacy will be maintained.
3. Everyone who attends, volunteers at, contracts for, facilitates, or otherwise is involved in a DAPS in-person event, meeting, or activity is required to show proof of vaccination which MUST include a BOOSTER, or a NEGATIVE COVID 19 test dated the same day. Pictures are accepted but must show your name, dates, and entire card or test.

In order to continue offering in-person activities these are the steps we must take. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we continue to combat this pandemic together.

Our January 2022 Schedule

Check out our January 2022 schedule and click the link to learn about all of our groups!

Gender Identity Pride Pin

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This is our Gender Identity Pride Collection pin, it features five different gender identities in the Pride letters: Trans, Agender, Intersex, Genderfluid, and Genderqueer on an acrylic pin. It's perfect for Pride season or any time of the year!

2" x 0.76"

This pin comes on 1 of 3 specially designed Pride Collection pin cards, each card celebrates 2 different gender identities:

Transgender & Non-Binary

Agender & Genderqueer

Intersex & Genderfluid


Pin Designer/ Artist: Oliver Webb

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100% of your donations go to bettering the community.

Last year 55 reported Trans and Non-Binary individuals were lost to violence, this year the numbers continue to grow. By donating to an organization like ours you help offer services to individuals who are often turned away, not only by society, but by those they trust and love. We offer a safe space for them to be their authentic selves away from judgement.