DAPS offers 8 groups and activities 5-6x a week, we do not publish links for safety reasons, please look over the descriptions and email us at info@diversityallianceofthepugetsound.org or scan the individual QR code on the graphic to obtain the Zoom link, if applicable. We also have a private discord channel for resources, support, and events/ group/ and activity info, if you would like to join send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

You are valid.

To download a full calendar of all of our groups and events click HERE.

Monday Morning Tea a weekly social group from 10-12pm on Zoom.

Plugged In Tuesdays, are weekly activities that switch between movie and game nights. They always start at 7pm, but the end time depends on the activity. These are online events, movie night is done on Kast (this is a free platform) and game nights are done in our private discord server. Afterward we open Zoom for DAPS After Dark.

Trans-cend Mindfulness is a weekly mindfulness activity every Wednesday morning and evening from 11-11:45am and 6-645pm on Zoom.

DAPS Discussions is a weekly educational discussion group surrounding Trans specific topics, it is every Thursday from 7-9pm. DAPS believes that trans and gender diverse individuals are more than medical transition, an aspect not everyone chooses or has access to, and thus offer this group to help prepare and educate our community on other topics they may face while in the world. (Past topics include: coping skills, coming out at work, discrimination in healthcare, harm reduction, safety planning, gaslighting, labels, the history of Stonewall, ect.) These meetings are on Zoom. Afterward we keep Zoom open for DAPS After Dark.

This Month’s DAPS Discussions Topics:

Friday Evening Tea is every Friday from 7-9pm and is a social group; we offer this group both in-person in Tacoma, WA at the Rainbow Center and online on Zoom. After the in-person group we go out to dinner at a local resturant.

After all evening groups we keep Zoom open, or open it if we were in another app, and have social “hour” called DAPS After Dark to allow a space to debrief, decompress, or just hangout. This also allows more time for those that may have come in late, or those that may not be able to make it during our group times.

Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound is a transgender and gender diverse social service organization, founded in 2004.

Support, advocacy, and community action.